April 18, 2013


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February 18, 2012
weekly phone calls with Wes
Laurel: Wet roads, or extremely dry roads.
Wes: Laurel should be a wet road.
Laurel: ha hahhahahaha HAHAHAHAHA *falls over in laughter*
Wes: I didn't mean that sexually.
February 16, 2012


this is why There For Tomorrow is my favorite band and has been for the past three years.  A Little Faster  is my favorite album period, of any band. Re»Creations blew me away with being able to make me fall in love with old songs in a different light. The Verge was very different but exactly what I needed to hear. But this song alone is even different from The Verge  and yet I love it. I am very pleased with the direction this band is taking. 

But I don’t understand how that they time and time again manage to write songs that in some way I can relate to my life. That is one of the reasons they are my favorite bands. I wish them nothing but the best.

And Maile’s voice, dear God. 

February 5, 2012
And have a decent picture of Alex being Alex.Again I’m sorry, but this time at least it’s a picture of someone in a band from the East Coast.

And have a decent picture of Alex being Alex.
Again I’m sorry, but this time at least it’s a picture of someone in a band from the East Coast.

February 5, 2012
I just feel like ECA needs a picture or two, even though I’m no longer in the East Coast and this blog in general has seemed to have died. But this tour did hit the East Coast. This just happens to be a picture taken in Austin, Texas.

I just feel like ECA needs a picture or two, even though I’m no longer in the East Coast and this blog in general has seemed to have died. But this tour did hit the East Coast. This just happens to be a picture taken in Austin, Texas.

August 18, 2011
Concert Review; The Sophomore Beat; Last Show & Goodbye Party ECA style. 8.12.2011

The above picture I found I was tagged in on Facebook, right next to Wes & Eric. They should frame this pretty little picture. Also, excuse the overly shitty use of pictures. At least I has something…

Anyway: The first thing that happened was that I showed up late, like a boss. In true style my two friends and I went down early, how ever wandering around the mall and feeding out selves had to happen before anything else did that night. Naturally we took for ever to decide what to eat- and by then it was 6 pm. I can still taste those wings in my mouth; happy taste buds; happy Laurel.

 The Run Around  was the first band which we missed most of. They didn’t stand out in the line up; how ever they had fun on stage which has to count for something right? Also, all members were shorter than our friend Wes, that in it’s self is an accomplishment.

Man The Reformer I wasn’t too thrilled about, they weren’t terrible but I wasn’t digging the music. At this point I was just dying of heat and not even listening to the music. It’s a miracle there’s even a picture to go with this.

Too Late the Hero was good despite it not being my cup of tea. The leader singer did have quite the set of lounges on him though. I was thoroughly entertained when he screamed. They also had the best stage presence of the three bands thus far. 

The Sophomore Beat weren’t the greatest of bands around, but they were passionate about their music. Their lives were written out in the songs they sang. Tonight for them was a big step as it was most likely the last performance as TSB. They’ve never had the greatest stage presence, but they try. The played their hearts out- starting off with a shot of monster- I’m sure if this wasn’t an all ages show there would have been booze in those cups. Together as a whole everyone did the band huddle with them; the crowd was into the music and survived the heat. People sang along and danced to the tunes. And at the very end the keyboardist smashed his keyboard on stage. When someone asked him why Andy answered “because I’ve always wanted to, this may have been my last chance.”  TSB will be missed on the local band scene. I wish them the best as they make their own way in the world. It was one hell of a good time.


I came, I saw, I didn’t even try to take decent pictures? And posted this two weeks late- true ECA style.

-Laurel, (who rocks those hipster glasses)

August 3, 2011
PHOTOBLOG: Quadrapoloosa- Gardiner, ME; 7/23/11

Hello, my name is Sara, and I suck at blogging in a timely fashion.
I, however, managed to bring in my DSLR to this show and take some pictures.
Naturally, this led to a lot of complaining about lighting/grain.
They turned out good enough, I guess.
Too lazy to do a full review. 





July 24, 2011
CONCERT REVIEW: Vans Warped Tour- Mansfield, MA; 7/13/11

We came as Warped virgins. We emerged sweaty, sunburnt, exhausted, and sufficiently wowed. Wowed to the point that it took us a full week and a half to post this concert review. True, that may have been due to a busy work schedule but that’s beside the point.

For the most part, we stuck together like conjoined twins, but each act is marked with “S”, “L”, or “S&L” to conveniently indicate which asshole saw which band.


When we learned that Small Talk was playing on the Ernie Ball stage, we made sure to stop by and hear the majority of their set. After all, what kind of music lover doesn’t support their local scene (note- anything in New England is considered “the music scene” around here. We’re from Maine. We’re too busy building igloos in winter or something to be worrying about live music)? I, Sara, had never heard their music prior to Warped, and was entertained by their poppy, upbeat music. Had I known the songs beforehand, I probably would have been more enthusiastic about their set. Easily the most forgettable of the sets we saw during Warped, yes, but enjoyable nonetheless.


We’re biased. We admit this openly. Collectively, East Coast Asshole has seen this band six times (four times each for Sara and Laurel, two of those times together), and our brains are fairly programmed to eat up anything that this band sends our way. However, as far as TFT’s sets go, this was not their most impressive performance. Their 6-song setlist was composed mostly of tracks of their newest release The Verge (as expected), and all but ignored their first full length, A Little Faster (they opened with the title track, and that’s all). It was a set of singles, and part of me wanted them to shake it up a little bit. They’re talented and I enjoyed their set, but the set was a bit predictable.


I’m almost tempted not to blog about this band. Not because they weren’t good, but because they were rained out by the spontaneous, 30 minute downpour at around 5:15. Neither of us went into the pit, so we couldn’t hear all that well, but we enjoyed jumping around to the beginning and end of their set, and the band was thankful for the dedication of the crowd for sticking it out through the rain. I can respect that.


I ditched Laurel. I’m a bad person. However, we weren’t watching a set at the time and The Word Alive had started ten minutes earlier. Needless to say, I booked it from the inflatable to Advent Stage.
I missed my favorite song, “The Hounds of Anubis”, but otherwise, I dug their set. Vocalist Telle Smith’s transitions from screaming to singing are virtually seamless, a skill that most vocalists who do scream and clean vocals struggle with. The crowd was a bit sparse, and that does affect the vibe of the set. However, that’s the sad reality of playing a set while A Day To Remember is in the middle of playing to a solid 1/3 of Warped Tour’s attendants. Oh well.


If I have to add a bias disclaimer to There For Tomorrow, I definitely have to add a bias disclaimer to this band. We Came As Romans’ full-length was my soundtrack when my grandmother passed in April, and their set was a large landmark for me on my Warped Pilgrimage. To my delight, this Detroit boys did not disappoint. Their set was high-energy and enthusiastic from their opening song “Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease” to their closer, “To Plant A Seed”. Clean vocalist Kyle Pavone struggles with his pitch in a good half of the songs, awkwardly jumping octaves in places, but Dave Stephans’s screams more than make up for Pavone’s shortcomings. All in all, a solid performance and a high point for me.
Though I have to ask, does Andy Glass actually play the bass, or does he simply swing it around for sport?


Every Avenue was playing on the Nintendo 3DS Stage. I’ve seen the once before and throughly enjoyed their set. They played song such as “Tell me I’m a Wreck” and “For Always, Forever” off the full length Picture Perfect. For some reason, lead singer David Ryan Strauchman thinks it’s a great idea to have a circle pit during “For Always, Forever.” I’m not one to be involved in such circle pits, but a least I know that really is not the type of music that promotes circle pits. The crowd welcomed new songs off the new record Bad Habits with open arms. It was a nice pick me up after the down poor that afternoon, a good way to get dry dancing to good music.

AUGUST BURNS RED- S (& L from a much greater distance)

If We Came As Romans was my high point, August Burns Red was just what I needed to maintain said high. I have no criticisms for this set. Incredible vocals. Crazy drums. Phenomenal guitar work. Absolutely insane crowd. August Burns Red is not only unbelievably talented in playing music together as a group, but excels in keeping the crowd pumped and engaged. Even Laurel, who is not a fan of scream vocals, praised their instrumentals.
I hadn’t listened to the band much before I saw them. But you bet your ass I’m jamming to Leveler as I write this review. Best set of the day, and the perfect way to end our Warped experience.


God, we’re obnoxious. If you saw us, you should tell us. We were kind of hard to miss…

Love, Sara and Laurel

July 22, 2011
Concert Review: Space Dracula’s Basketball Expo; 7.20.2011

Ludo, Sparks the Rescue, Tommy and the High Pilots, STAMPS [not pictured].

The Middle East, Cambridge Mass

 First off, I’d like to say we missed STAMP’s because we got lost on the way from the Chestnut Hill T stop to The Middle East in Cambridge. Three kids from Maine and a native to Boston it’s self. But according to the rest of the venue and bands they killed it. It was their first tour; so congratulations STAMPS.

Tommy and the High Pilots were fabulous. Personally I’d seen them before at a previous tour with Ludo. Their music is fun and entertaining. Tommy’s smile and personality had some of the girls standing near me swooning over him.


Sparks the Rescue (a local Maine band) was next on stage. This is their second tour since their latest album Worst Thing I’ve Been Curse With dropped in May. Because of this the set list was mostly newer stuff. The set was 60 Minutes of Fame, Vanities, Autumn, Weirdest Way,  Need You Now, Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed  With, We Love Lie Vampires, Saturday Skin and She’s a Bitch and I’m the Fool. How ever there was a minor change when Alex started singing My Heart Radio, instead of Saturday Skin. He goes “fuck” and then laugh about it and then start in with My Heart Radio  it was quite fitting. People who were just their for Ludo and didn’t know who the hell Sparks the Rescue was now knows them. As a native Mainer I’m proud to support them.

At first glance Ludo just looks like a bunch of idiots that someone let on stage. How ever there is more to them than lead singer’s Andrew Volt’s witty humor. The lyrics are a bit ridiculous, but that’s what makes Ludo well Ludo. They know how to work a crowd. They came out dressed up in shiny space suits, I seemed to have forgotten mine at home or something this night. Anyone who thought they were going to this show without doing the Whipped Cream dance was wrong. The whole audience was trying to impregnate two walls and give Andrew twins. Love Me Dead was played acoustically from the crowd. The terms of service were: the crowd had to be quite (snapping for clapping, and laughing in their heads), no groping band members (high fives were acceptable) and to sing as loud as you could. Having literally not knowing all songs but two, it’s safe to say that Ludo puts on a killer show and knows how to work the crowd. 

Terrible lighting at the Middle East, how ever more pictures can be seen here although most aren’t edited. Some are also on my personal tumblr.

July 18, 2011
ECA did Vans Warped Tour/ECA is doing Space Dracula’s Expo

Warped Mass was last week, and we’ve both been really busy with life to get our shit together and blog about it. I haven’t even finished my own about warped for my personal tumblr, or gotten through pictures and such.

I’m going to see Sparks/Ludo Wednesday night in Mass, maybe and update after then!

Peace, Laurel.