August 18, 2011
Concert Review; The Sophomore Beat; Last Show & Goodbye Party ECA style. 8.12.2011

The above picture I found I was tagged in on Facebook, right next to Wes & Eric. They should frame this pretty little picture. Also, excuse the overly shitty use of pictures. At least I has something…

Anyway: The first thing that happened was that I showed up late, like a boss. In true style my two friends and I went down early, how ever wandering around the mall and feeding out selves had to happen before anything else did that night. Naturally we took for ever to decide what to eat- and by then it was 6 pm. I can still taste those wings in my mouth; happy taste buds; happy Laurel.

 The Run Around  was the first band which we missed most of. They didn’t stand out in the line up; how ever they had fun on stage which has to count for something right? Also, all members were shorter than our friend Wes, that in it’s self is an accomplishment.

Man The Reformer I wasn’t too thrilled about, they weren’t terrible but I wasn’t digging the music. At this point I was just dying of heat and not even listening to the music. It’s a miracle there’s even a picture to go with this.

Too Late the Hero was good despite it not being my cup of tea. The leader singer did have quite the set of lounges on him though. I was thoroughly entertained when he screamed. They also had the best stage presence of the three bands thus far. 

The Sophomore Beat weren’t the greatest of bands around, but they were passionate about their music. Their lives were written out in the songs they sang. Tonight for them was a big step as it was most likely the last performance as TSB. They’ve never had the greatest stage presence, but they try. The played their hearts out- starting off with a shot of monster- I’m sure if this wasn’t an all ages show there would have been booze in those cups. Together as a whole everyone did the band huddle with them; the crowd was into the music and survived the heat. People sang along and danced to the tunes. And at the very end the keyboardist smashed his keyboard on stage. When someone asked him why Andy answered “because I’ve always wanted to, this may have been my last chance.”  TSB will be missed on the local band scene. I wish them the best as they make their own way in the world. It was one hell of a good time.


I came, I saw, I didn’t even try to take decent pictures? And posted this two weeks late- true ECA style.

-Laurel, (who rocks those hipster glasses)

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